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In general, it is more profitable to opt for excavator rental than buying an excavator. By choosing to rent an excavator you can be sure that you always have the right type of excavator for your job or construction project. For example, you can choose to rent a mini excavator, which is particularly suitable for jobs in small spaces where you need to be able to work precisely. In general, there are many types of machines that you can choose from to get your job done successfully, such as a mini excavator, mid excavator, a mobile excavator or an inner turner.

What types of mini excavators are there

If you decide to hire a mini excavator for your job or construction project, it is useful that you know the differences and choose the right mini excavator. A mini excavator is suitable between 1 and 5 tons. A mini excavator is mainly used in a difficult to access or small space. The narrowest models of mini excavators simply fit through a normal door and they also have a low weight so that you can easily transport them to the final destination. In addition, mini excavators nowadays also have economical engines that meet all environmental requirements. In addition to a regular mini excavator, you can also choose to rent an extendable mini excavator. The extendable tracks give you the best of both worlds and you can work almost anywhere when you retract these tracks. The smallest models are 750 mm and therefore also fit through a door. Then there are hybrid mini diggers. These electric mini excavators are ideal for renovation, demolition or a job in the city center. In addition to being clean, they are also quiet and if necessary you can always use the diesel engine as a backup.

Other types of excavators you can rent

Other options for renting an excavator are, for example, midi excavators. These are used for 5 to 15 tons and very powerful. With a midi excavator you can easily move a large amount of material such as sand. In addition to being strong, the engines are also efficient so that you can be sure that you do not use unnecessary fuel. For 4 to 8 tons you can also choose to rent an internal turner, which is suitable for a tight space and is very powerful. A zero tail swing has a unique boom and can easily turn from left to right thanks to the central suspension. You can also choose a mobile digger for ten tons or a digger with overpressure.

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