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As a student I look forward to the moment when I finally have a house for myself. Because one of the things I miss the most? A cat!

Today I have to make do with the neighboring cats in the street. I now know exactly where I can find which animal. Now that the end of my studies is nearing, I want to prepare well for having a cat. In addition to a lot of fun, a cat is also a responsibility that you take. That is why I asked around in my area: what are the most important lessons from cat owners?


With a cat in the house you get the necessary pests as a gift. Fleas, worms, ticks, all kinds of nasty bugs that you and your cat are not waiting for. You can combat cat fleas with collars, pipettes with drops, shampoos or sprays. Ticks are more difficult to prevent, but fortunately not dangerous if you remove them quickly. This is done in no time with special tick tweezers or tweezers.

The stench from the litter box

Many young kittens are not house trained yet. It will take a while for the bugs to get used to doing their business in the right place. So take into account picking up a lot of poo and unpleasant urine odors in the house. And even if the animals are used to doing their business properly, you will not escape cleaning up poo often. After all, a container quickly smells and before you know it there is a foul pungent smell in your room.

Trophies in the house

Do you like your cat? Chances are that your cat will express his or her appreciation by bringing you a present from the garden. Not nice flowers, but a hunting trophy. A mouse, bird, spider or large insect. Alive, dead, creeping in pain, half gnawed. A small horror show at home is not strange to many a cat owner. And you have to be able to handle that.

Multiple cats: Not always a good idea

Cats are loners. I have heard many stories from people who felt sorry that their cat was so alone, and therefore brought in a second cat. But this is not always a success. Cats can be quite territorial, and the question is how happy they are with a new creature in their domain. A new cat can change the character of your other cat very much. In any case, it will take a long time to get used to. You have the best result when you bring several cats into the house at once, for example straight from a litter.

More tips? Let me know!

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