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Do you also find it so unpleasant when all the trees and plants in your garden lose their leaves in the autumn and all that is left are just a few bare twigs? I started looking for a number of plants that also remain green in winter. You can read my findings below.

The Star Jasmine

The star jasmine, also called Tuscan jasmine, is a Mediterranean plant. Despite this fact, this climbing plant is still hardy. Due to its Mediterranean origin, this plant does need the sunniest location in the garden for the best result. The Tuscan jasmine keeps its green leaves all winter long and can withstand temperatures of at least minus 10 degrees Celsius. This fast-growing climbing plant can reach a height of up to 4 meters.


You can make a hedge from the rhododendron, but you can also use it as a loose plant. This plant keeps its leaves all year round, so your garden is beautifully green all seasons. In addition, this plant flowers in the summer and provides your garden with beautiful flowers. Unfortunately, the flowering period of these flowers is only a few weeks.


A true asset to any garden is the evergreen clematis. This climbing plant is versatile to use in the garden. For example, you can grow it just fine as a barrier between you and the neighbor. Where other climbing plants often lose their leaves in winter, the evergreen clematis does not. In addition, there are many types of clematis that differ in flower shape and color, among other things.


There are also plants that not only stay green in winter, but also bloom. The snowball, also known as Viburnum tinus, is one of them. The buds of the flowers open in January and the flowers continue to bloom until May. Then, when the flowers have finished flowering, blueberries appear on the plant. You can enjoy this plant all year round.


A plant that is often linked to winter, and especially to Christmas, is of course the holly. This plant keeps its green color all year round. In addition, the holly can be recognized by the yellow edge around the leaves and of course the red berries in winter. Did you know that the holly has female and male plants. To get the beautiful red berries it is necessary to fertilize the plant. You can help yourself with this by at least planting both sexes near each other. Although nowadays there are also self-pollinating varieties of the holly available. In addition to the beautiful red berries in the winter, this plant also gets white flowers in the month of May.

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