Descale your coffee machine

If you regularly drink a cup of coffee, it certainly does not hurt to maintain your coffee machine regularly. For example, it is wise to clean the machine extra thoroughly once every few weeks with descaler. Every time you make a cup of coffee, dirt and limescale remain in the machine. You can flush the machine with water and empty the container, but this is not enough to get everything clean. If you keep the device clean, the coffee will retain its flavor. It is also hygienic and safe.

How do you get an assessment

When the minerals in the water evaporate, they can cause a white deposit. This limescale build-up gets worse the more coffee you brew. If the tap water contains a lot of lime, you will also get more deposits faster. For example, if you use spring water to make coffee, you will get this less quickly, but it still happens. That is why it is wise to remove the limescale from your coffee machine once in a while with descaler.

Deposits in your coffee machine

Deposits in your coffee machine are bad for both the appliance and yourself. Lime is especially bad for the life of your appliance. Because lime is in your device, the device has to work harder. This costs extra energy and is certainly not good for the device. This is not good for your coffee maker and can even cause problems in the long run. If you keep the device clean, the water will flush through the device more easily and prevent problems. Because limescale is all over the device, the water runs along the limescale. You can notice this in your coffee. This will of course not benefit the taste of your coffee. The coffee can become more bitter which is definitely a shame.

Descaler for your coffee machine

Special descalers are available for your coffee machine and espresso machine. This means that your device is clean on the inside again. You may even notice that the taste of your coffee is better and the appliance runs better. That is why it is wise to repeat this once in a while. Descaling your coffee machine is very easy. You have done this in a number of steps. You first fill the water reservoir to the maximum and add the descaler to the water. You then let the entire device rinse until the container is completely empty. Per device you can also set this to do a special cleaning. This is then completely automatic.

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