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In your garden you can really enjoy the summer: wonderful evenings with a BBQ or with a nice book in hand. Still, too much sun can sometimes start to resist you. At times like that, you can really yearn for shade. But yes, not every garden offers a nice and cool place in the shade. What are you doing then?

At ZONZ Sunsails we offer you this wonderfully cool place out of the sun, with our custom shade sails. You can hang this wherever it suits you best. This way you can enjoy the warmth and create shade when you wish. You can completely adapt a custom shade cloth to your wishes and taste. This way you can choose the desired shape. You can choose from a rectangle or square. You can also choose from numerous colors such as black, gray or green. We are happy to help you determine which method of mounting best suits your garden or roof terrace. This allows you to create shadow in any desired place.

What are the advantages of a custom shade cloth?

Based on the positive experiences of our customers, we have listed a number of advantages.

  • A custom shade cloth is functional. Besides the fact that the shade cloths look nice and serve as a decoration in the garden, they also have functional advantages. You can decide for yourself how and where you attach the shade cloth. This allows you to create the desired shade at any place.
  • Besides the fact that a shade cloth works well for sun protection, the cloth is also storm resistant. You can attach this cloth firmly to poles or to a facade. Where a parasol can go into that air or fall over, you will not be bothered with a shade cloth. That is why you can leave it hanging all year round after mounting the canvas. Besides the fact that the fabric can withstand wind, you can also sit perfectly dry under a shade cloth when a rain shower comes along. The cloth can withstand moisture well and dries quickly.
  • A custom shade cloth creates a child-friendly garden. By hanging the awning above the place where your children play, you give them protection against the full sun. The shade cloths from ZONZ sunsails are UV-resistant and UV-resistant, so that no dangerous radiation can pass through. By means of posts, for example, you can place the shade cloth in such a way that the sandbox or inflatable pool is in the shade.

What types of custom shade sails are there?

The advantage of a custom shade cloth is that you can fill in everything according to your own wishes. For example, in addition to choosing a standard shade cloth, you can also opt for a cloth with more points. Our custom specialists are happy to help you choose the right shape and construction. You can choose from a mounting with rings on the corners to attach the cloths. You can choose this construction if you want to mount the shade cloth on poles. Another choice is to attach it with sail eyes all around, for when you want to attach the canvas above your veranda, for example. Which option you choose is completely up to you and depends on where you want the canvas.

Customized shade cloth with pergola

A pergola is a construction with posts that you can place in your garden as well as on your roof terrace. A pergola is perfect for hanging a custom shade cloth. You can attach this to the frame. When mounting a shade cloth in a pergola, a harmonica cloth is usually chosen. The big advantage of this is that it is a foldable cloth. This way you can easily choose how much shade you want and at what time, by folding the cloth in or out.

Do you want to find inspiration for your custom shade cloth? Then visit the ZONZ sunsails website for more ideas and advice.

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