Build your own house

If all goes well, your ultimate goal is to leave home, to have your own home where you can live with your family later, have a good job and then also be happy. You can take care of this happiness yourself and everything else above as well. Of course, things may not go the way you would like from time to time, and then there is always the option to get yourself back together and go all out again! If you like to work with your hands and you also have the time, you can also choose to build your own house! For this you obviously need some skills that not just anyone has. The nice thing about building your own house is that you can of course determine everything yourself and furnish it to your own taste.

The beginning

The vast majority of people have their house built by a contractor. Some also choose to build part of the house themselves. They do this because it can save a lot of money. But this is not for everyone. However, most people find it difficult to plaster a wall themselves, let alone build a complete house. Some people do the finishing of a wind and waterproof house. This saves you money and you can ‘do your own thing’ in that phase-out phase. First of all, it is of course very important to get enough inspiration. What do you like and what do you absolutely not want? After you have gained enough ideas, the search for a lot can begin. The price, location, size and surface of the lot are of course important. But the location of the future home on the plot is just as important. How is the sun position? Is there a clean soil statement? Should there be driven? What are the requirements of the welfare and municipality? All things to keep in mind!

Further process

As soon as all permits have been arranged and the plan is ready, construction can begin. You can opt for a prefab house. In the factory, the wall and roof elements are prepared as far as possible in order to assemble them later on your building plot. You can also choose to brick and build everything yourself. When all walls are in place, you can pour a concrete floor. This is a good basis for any floor that will be added later. After that, the insulation and the installation of the windows can begin. Now you already have a very large part of your house and the decorating and furnishing can start!

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