You should not underestimate a social media addiction

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Do you find yourself walking with your phone in your hand all day? That you want to share every little detail with the world and then wait for likes and comments. That you are disappointed in your friends if they don’t respond quickly enough and that you seriously wonder if they really are friends, your photo of your breakfast has been online for 3 minutes and they haven’t even liked! It could also just be that you are much less productive at work because you have to see how your old classmate is doing or because one is following a twitter fit. If you are also affected by the idea that you cannot go online, then you can speak of a social media addiction. But how do you get rid of that?

Social media addiction is intense

It can disrupt your entire social life, the real life. It can even make you feel more lonely than ever. And so it is time to look for a way to get rid of your social media addiction. You don’t have to go to a support group for that, you don’t even have to leave the house. You can tackle your social media addiction online. You will then receive cognitive behavioral therapy and learn how to keep your social media use under control.

Even more new addictions are popping up

Many people have been home much more in recent months than ever before. They worked at home, homeschooled the children and relaxed at home. And what can you do better than gaming. But what if you can’t stop doing that anymore? What if you neglect your work and no longer get to do your household chores? Then you can speak of a game addiction. Now that we are moving towards normal again, or at least the new normal, it is time you start doing something about it.

Getting rid of your addiction online works!

Whether it’s a social media addiction, a gaming addiction, or an alcohol addiction, you will need to do something about it to get your life back on track. Especially in these times, it is nice that you can keep your distance from others. It is also nice to participate in the therapy sessions in your own environment. This way, the privacy of your own home will give you the help you need.

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