With this device, your building remains clean and safe, even during holidays

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Convenience serves people and safety counts above all else. Keep those two great clichés in mind when you are introduced to the next piece of equipment: the fog machine. These machines are made to both clean and keep your office safe. How is that possible? We will explain that to you!

A so-called fog machine – also called a fog generator – is primarily a security system that protects you against burglaries in your office. With advanced technology, the fog machine switches on automatically when there is a burglar in your office. The machine is connected to your alarm system, so that it does not start accidentally when you are in your building. When the generator starts, it will spray the entire room with thick clouds of fog in no time. Within seconds you can no longer see a thing. Or rather: the burglar no longer sees a thing. Ideal, because that way he cannot see what he was planning to steal!

Two birds with one stone

Such a security system is of course great, but how often do you really need it? You can hope that those burglars stay as far away from your building as possible. So is it worth the investment? It is when you consider that there are fog machines that not only protect you against burglars, but also completely clean the room when you are not there! At mistmachine.nl you will now find a fog machine that also cleans every room.

The fog machine sprays disinfectant fluid and distributes it over a space. This happens very quickly and therefore bacteria have no chance to escape. When the mist has settled, he also thoroughly cleans all surfaces. The particles that come out of the fog generator are so small that they spread very easily, even to the most difficult places. Consider, for example, the back of furniture, the lamp hanging from the high ceiling or the inside of the shelving unit. This makes this device even more efficient than cleaning with an ‘old-fashioned’ mop.

On holiday with peace of mind

So even when you go on vacation, you can leave things behind with peace of mind. Your building is fully secured by this special fog machine and when you return your space is completely clean and fresh. This way you are served convenience as a person and you feel completely safe when you enjoy your well-deserved holiday. Highly recommended for every entrepreneur!

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