Three gadgets for safer driving

Older people continue to live independently for longer. And that also means that they are independently on the road for longer.

And that is not immediately cause for panic, but it is something to think about. After all, as you get older, your ability to react deteriorates. And while the traffic seems to be going faster and faster, you have to share the road with more and more types of road users and the road in general is getting busier.

Do you ever worry about your grandfather or mother who regularly gets into the car? Or do you just want to get on the road as safely as possible? Then you can consider the following measures.

Good sight

Usually you only replace your headlights if they are broken. But did you know that there is a large market for different types of headlights? For example, there are strong halogen lamps that can shine up to 200% brighter light than regular headlamps. This allows you to see up to eighty meters further. Examples of such products are Philips racingvision 150 h7 and Philips racing vision gt200. With these lamps you have a good view of the road even on the darkest days. And that makes driving a lot safer.

Dead corner mirror

During our driving lesson, everyone learns to look neatly in their interior mirror, exterior mirror and blind spot before steer. But once in practice, this action quickly subsides. This while a large proportion of accidents are caused by drivers who have not looked into their blind spots. The latest cars sometimes already have techniques to make drivers visible in a blind spot. But even if your car is not that smart, you can purchase a blind spot mirror. By sticking the convex mirror on your outside mirror, your field of vision becomes a lot wider!

Reversing camera

A trick that remains difficult in the car: reversing. A small pole can quickly cause a big dent in the trunk. Unfortunately this is a familiar story for many drivers. Most damage is done when reverse parking is required. Fortunately, a tool has also been developed for this, namely a wireless reversing camera, which you can easily install on the back of your car. Parking is a piece of cake. This way you can easily upgrade an older car with the same luxury of a new car. Reversing becomes a lot easier and simpler, especially for vans.

With the right tools, driving becomes a lot easier and safer!

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