The problem of Youtube

Youtube is a fantastic platform where a wealth of entertainment can be seen for free. At the same time, there is a tense relationship between the platform and the people who post content on the platform. YouTube requires 45% of the advertising income. So if you watch your call of duty modern warfare videos, only 55% will go to the Youtuber. That is why they have been trying for years to find detours to earn a wider living.


The easiest way to get a bigger share is to get sponsors on your video. You make a deal with them and get 100% of the amount. Moreover, this amount is quickly higher than you get with advertising income. In addition, you will in any case get your money faster. In addition, you are not dependent on whether people use an adblocker. In addition to advertising income, this is a great way to make money on your videos.


Another way to make money is by selling merchandise. These items, often clothing, are also a beautiful product with a very nice margin. It is also interesting because it can further bind your subscribers to you. Anyone who knows how to sell merchandise has been scientifically researched. Roughly speaking, there are three factors: physical attractiveness, the same ideas as the buyer, and social attractiveness. We also know social attractiveness through the trendy term “clout”. The choice for merchandise is therefore less easy than sponsoring. The latter aspect certainly makes it difficult. Merchandise is more the icing on the cake than a path to making a small channel profitable.

Patreon and Subcribestar

If you have a small but loyal subscriber base, a donation service is a great way to make your content more profitable. You can also publish premium content. At Patreon you can only make certain content accessible if a user donates more than a certain amount per month. For example, here you can put less structured and somewhat freer content to strengthen the parasocial relationship between you and your subcriber. The money that comes in through here is surprising. People are often more willing to pay for their content. Most of your followers will only be willing to watch the ads, so your loyal followers are pre-eminently people for whom you want to do something extra. Moreover, they often ask about it themselves. And if people ask you for a way to give your money, you should of course give them the chance.

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