The different types of warehouse trolleys

Running a warehouse is more complicated than one might think. You have many different tasks that are performed by different people at the same time and they should not get in each other’s way. Products are constantly being moved, from new products, to from the location of the product to the packing area of ​​the warehouse. It is therefore important to use a practical system within the warehouse. For example, the processes are divided into steps, so that everyone has their own tasks that they specialize in. In addition, many products are also heavy. Fortunately, you often no longer have to burden people for this, but use a warehouse truck for that. In this blog I will discuss what types of warehouse trucks there are and when you should use which ones in the warehouse.

Pump truck

A pallet truck, often referred to as a pallet truck, is one of those trucks that takes over the heavy lifting of pallets for employees. The wagons have a fork at the front so that the pallet jack can be placed under a pallet and lifted the pallet. The pallet can then be moved through the warehouse on the pallet truck. Pump trucks come in different sizes. Depending on the size of the pallets and the weight of the pallets, you must choose a suitable pallet truck. Some pump trucks are also equipped with a weighing system, so that you can immediately see how much the pallets weigh.


A hand truck is a fairly simple car that you can also see, for example, the postman who brings packages. It is a handy car because you can take several boxes with you and the weight is still not too bad due to the leverage. This way you can take more boxes with you than if you were to carry them yourself.


Dollies actually look like a tray with four wheels fixed directly underneath. They are also known under the name ‘roll platform’. They are handy to use when you need to move through smaller spaces. Dollies are very light and have castors. This makes dollies very easy to move. They are especially useful when loading quickly and when it comes to containers or boxes that fit together well.

Lift tables

Lift tables are carts that can be used to lift heavy objects a bit. For example, if the product has to be placed in the rack, but is too heavy to lift. Then the product can be moved on the lifting table, raised and thus placed at the height of the rack.

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