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The corona crisis makes it difficult to go on vacation. At least in the way you are used to on vacation. You can’t even go to many countries, or at least it is strongly discouraged. We can therefore imagine that you will skip the real holiday this year. Small advantage is that you also save a lot of money. Money with which you can do other fun things! That’s why our tip: just go on more daily trips in your own country!

There is plenty of fun to do in the Netherlands, even in corona time. An example of what I recently did with a few friends. We wanted to know what it feels like to drive in a really big box. That is why we looked at the options to be able to sand in a thick Lamborghini or Maseratti. And what turned out? Renting a supercar is actually quite simple and super cool! And it is not as expensive as you think!

Other outings

Because of that outing I was actually sure that we just had to do fun things more often, especially at this time. If you take a look on the internet, you will find three, four or five outings that you have never heard of, but which are super cool! For example, did you know that cuddling goats is a very calming thing. The same goes for cuddling cows by the way! This may sound crazy, but whole therapies have been built around it! It is really quite funny to just experience that once, even if it is just for fun.

Or another recommendation is to eat in the dark. Yes, you read that right. The idea behind this concept is that you learn to eat in an even better way. Or rather: learn to taste. You literally get your food served in the dark. Mainly blind and partially sighted people also work in this restaurant. In principle you do not see what you eat, which is a very special and at the same time surprisingly beautiful experience. Not only do you learn to eat in a different way, you also get a lot of respect for our visually impaired fellow humans. It is also very special to really experience total darkness. Your eyes are not used to this at all and therefore do not know what signals to transmit to your brain. That is why you ‘see’ shadows that are actually not there at all. Very special. Really recommend!

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