Exercise is important for everyone

It is important to exercise every day. This is good for the body but also for the mind. It is important that everyone gets his or her movement. This is also important for the elderly. It can be nice for older people to have an exercise bike at home. Then you can also train indoors on the cold days. But what is the best exercise bike for the elderly? To begin with, it is nice for the elderly if the exercise bike has an easy and low step. This ensures that it is easy to get on without having to pull up the legs very high. It is also nice if the saddle can be easily adjusted. Not everyone has the same length of legs or one person prefers to sit lower. Furthermore, the saddle must of course also be comfortable. Not too hard so that it is unpleasant, but also not too soft that no support can be obtained.

Ideal for the elderly

Furthermore, moving can sometimes be a problem for the elderly. Not everyone has the space to always have the exercise bike in the middle of the room. The exercise bike may be at a slight angle most of the time, but when used, it should be moved to the center of the room. For such cases it is very useful if the exercise bike has wheels. This means that the entire exercise bike does not have to be lifted, but it can simply be ridden to the side when it is not in use. Of course, keeping exercise at home is not only a solution for the elderly.

A nice cross trainer

For all other ages it can also be nice to exercise at home. Especially when it is a lot colder outside. Or if you simply cannot get out of the house. Then the Focus fitness fox 5 is really a godsend. This is a cross trainer that is very sturdy. The problem with home crosstrainers is that they are often unstable, which makes training less pleasant or can even lead to accidents. The advantage of the Focus Fitness Fox 5 is that it can handle intensive workouts. The handles are also very versatile, which means that there are seven ways to hold the handles. This can have a very positive effect on training. You can choose in which position the arms are held, so that stiffness in the upper body can occur less. Furthermore, the cross trainer is almost silent, which can also be very nice for other roommates who are at home while you want to exercise!

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