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A lot of people don’t know, but darts is a very popular sport in the Netherlands. On RTL7 and SBS6, television shows are broadcasted with a darts tournament almost every month. The best players take off with a nice cash prize. You have probably heard of Michael van Gerwen?

Good darts players have practiced for a long time and know exactly which darts suit them. Do you also want to become good at darts and therefore buy good darts? You will learn more about it in this article.

Darts in the Netherlands: why is it so popular?

The sport of darts became popular in the nineties of the last century by Raymond van Barneveld. It is the magical story of the postman from The Hague who became world champion throwing darts in one tournament. Raymond immediately gained the status of a world star.

Darts is not a boring sport

In darts, it’s really not just a matter of throwing darts into the box with the highest score. It is quite a puzzle to get into one put to get from 501 to 0. Moreover, darts players are hugely controversial figures. Just think of Simon Whitlock, Stephen Wright or Phil Taylor. Even the way the darts players come on stage is hilarious. The people in the audience are often dressed in the craziest outfits. Unfortunately, the darts sport has to do without an audience for now. Hopefully those times will return soon.

Where can you best learn darts?

Darts is really a matter of practice. So make sure you have a dartboard at home. There are also special dart clubs. That is even more fun than practicing alone at home. You can participate in tournaments and you really learn the game as a team. That way you also feel a bit of the competition.

Why buy good darts?

It is important to have good darts because they are the best in the hand. They fly better through the air and are more focused. So you better send good darts to the box you want them in. The size or shape of your flights is also important. That’s the tail of the arrow. Just like the game itself, fitting and measuring is what suits you best.

How do you know which arrows are right for you?

This is also a matter of trying and a lot of practice. In fact, the preference for your arrows changes over the years. Ask for advice at the dart shop for the arrow that might suit you best.

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