Biological control of my poor pepper plant

I have developed green fingers for a number of months. I honestly didn’t know I had them, but I started to see the first symptoms around Christmas time. Then my family gave me a special kind of pepper plant. By this I mean the spicy peppers. This was my first ever attempt at gardening and as you would expect it went wrong. But I really enjoyed doing it so I bought a number of other seeds for paprika and pepper plants. Everything has gone well since then, in the meantime I have enjoyed a number of fine peppers and a lot of spicy peppers. Only recently has a problem surfaced, namely in the form of lice on my pepper plant and pepper plant. That meant that I had to look at biological control of my plants, because I absolutely did not want to spray poison on my peppers, they are way too tasty for that.

Lice and spider mites

In short, I suffer from a lice infestation and a reasonable number of spider mites. Specifically, there are aphids on my pepper plants and spider mites on my pepper plant. Aphids can cause enormous damage and are one of the most destructive insect pests possible. They suck the moisture out of the plant, they transfer viruses and weaken the plant. I have already tried with home remedies to scare away the lice. Several times I sprayed a solution of water, soap, spirit, garlic and peppers over the lice, but that did not help. Obviously I don’t want to use poison so now I’m looking for an organic way to combat this pest. My only other option is to look for a ladybug in October, which will eat the lice. The spider mites on the other plant are quite similar to the lice. They are lighter bugs and they also feed on my plant juices.

Why do I choose biological pest control

If the spider mites or lice can be controlled with biological control, this is of course better than using poison. I still want to eat the fruits of this plant and if I spray poison over it, it probably won’t be possible anymore. I just want to be able to eat my fruits. Biological control of lice and spider mites is therefore really the best. The solution may be more expensive than usual, but at least I can still enjoy my plants. Because as they hang now it only makes me sad.

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