Best Beauty Routines for Men

Beauty routines, just the word sounds very feminine. Of course, nothing that real men are concerned with. Where women can spend hours with beauty products and makeup, showering, choosing the right clothes and so on, men are a lot less busy with this. Yet men are well aware of the positive effects of good care. In recent years, men have become more involved in physical care and facial care. But so to speak, in a masculine way. In this article, we’ll discuss the best beauty routines for real men.


Shaving is of course also an important daily habit for men. You want a good shave without irritating your skin. You can also use argan oil instead of shaving cream. This also acts as a remedy for blemishes and helps stimulate beard growth. In addition, it is also a fine skin product that will make shaving easier.

Weight training

Regular exercise is important for both health and appearance anyway. But a form of strength training is also really important for men. Strength training has been scientifically proven to help control testosterone levels and testosterone is the most important hormone for men. Testosterone deficiency causes depression, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, etc. Therefore, do weights a few times a week, or do a sport that includes weight lifting. This can also be body weight. Climbing is therefore also a great sport.

Simple and fast routine

Using many different masks, serums and eye creams is of course fine. But many men prefer a simple and fast skincare routine. Wash the face once a day with water and facewash and you are already a long way. In addition, a moisturizing cream, for example before going to sleep, is also a very good option. It is important that you use a separate cream for the skin around your eyes. This skin is thinner and more sensitive and therefore needs a special eye cream.

Hands off

Another good tip is not to touch your face too much during the day. There are a lot of bacteria on your hands and your hands can also be greasy. There is often dirt under your nails. Touching your face often during the day will cause blemishes and other blemishes. If you are unable to avoid touching your face, wash your hands regularly.

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