A good cordless drill

You know, finally gathered the courage to start doing odd jobs. For example, because people have been nagging for weeks that a hinge is broken. Or because you are annoyed by that door that beeps every time you go to the toilet. Then you decide I’m going to do something about it now, pack all the stuff, you’re all set. At least that’s what you thought, with the drill in your hand, ready to take out the first screw, you hear that your drill is getting heavier, no hey, forgot to charge that battery again. You are probably not the only one who sometimes forgets this. Now the battery must first be in the charger and you have to wait before you can continue with the odd jobs. Because this has bothered me so often, I actually have the ideal tip. The best cordless drill is actually one where you can immediately buy two batteries.

Advantages of a cordless drill

The advantage of two batteries is that one can actually always be charged. You can, for example, put this on the charger while you are doing odd jobs with the second battery. Now you can also think of yes, but what if that second battery is also empty? That can indeed happen, if you are very bad at thinking about charging the batteries, you can also buy a drill with a cord. But this does not always seem to be useful in practice. A battery powered machine is often a lot more compact. This also makes it lighter, making it easier to operate, for example if you need to drill or screw something high above you. It’s also nice that a cordless drill doesn’t have a cord. When you are doing odd jobs you will just see that the cord is always just too short or that it is just very inconvenient to have a cord lying everywhere.

Handy switch

That is why I often prefer a good cordless drill. I now also run into the problem that the battery is empty, since I have two batteries or more. I just always try to remind myself to put one of those batteries in the charger when I’m not using it. In the meantime I can work with the other battery and when it is empty I can continue immediately because I exchange them. So it can take a longer time to work through, it is a shame if you have to leave that job even longer due to a problem with the battery.

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