Access Management from Ivanti

In the ever-moving world of IT, trends such as ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT), mobility and the use of the always-accessible cloud are responsible for the change in Identity and Access Management. With all the advancements in technology and software, it is hardly possible to enforce access protocols using a combination of the cloud, third party services and local control. The solution lies in a centralized standard Identity and Access Management application. The automated solution that Ivanti offers protects people, applications, devices and minimizes risks. At the same time, the software also reduces costs and significantly improves employee productivity and satisfaction.

Automate access and security

With Identity and Access Management, Ivanti ensures that manual processes are automated from now on. The workforce of a growing and successful company quickly consists of full and part-timers, trainees, temporary workers, freelancers and consultants. Such a company also has to deal with retirees, new employees and a (natural) turnover of departing employees. In addition, there may be various locations and branches, or a company may work with home workers or account managers who are always on the road. To ensure that important and confidential information does not end up on the street, a certain degree of security and digital access control is required. Ivanti takes care of this with automated On- and Offboarding.

Onboarding and Offboarding

Ivanti’s Identity and Access Management IT software provides automatic onboarding and offboarding. Onboarding grants access to employees with services, applications and devices. When an employee’s role or responsibilities change, this access is automatically adapted to the new needs. When staff members leave the organization for any reason, automatic Offboarding allows for a quick and efficient cancellation of the access and rights that this employee had. This protocol reduces the risk of security flaws and unfortunate information leaks and also saves time and money by eliminating the manual updating of Identity & Access Management.

Ivanti Identity Director

Thanks to Ivanti Identity Director, an identity management software solution, IT personnel have the ability to keep identities and access to company documents and software under control easily and conveniently. With this software, employees have the correct access levels based on their own identity. This ensures that productivity is increased, while the company and all valuable information remains safe. Get the most out of your IT investment with Identity Director from Ivanti and ensure that Identity and Access Management in your company automatically remains in order.

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